October 10, 1997

------I commend you for taking a leadership role in supporting the America Reads Challenge. By joining the President's Coalition for the America Reads Challenge, you have made a commitment to the future of our nation and its success in the 21st century. We should all be concerned that more than 40 percent of our nation's fourth grade students read at or below grade level. Your willingness to commit your time and resources to ensure that every child reads well and independently by the end of third grade is a testimony to the importance you place on creating a literate society.

------There are few greater gifts we can give than to open the world to a child through reading. I encourage you to remain diligent in your support of the America Reads Challenge and to share your enthusiasm with others so they might join in helping us reach the program's goal. Together we can create a nation of readers that will ensure a more prosperous and secure future for all Americans. Thank you again for your support of the America Reads Challenge.


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