ReadPlay’s collection of stories, audio and videotapes, and plush toys are produced in collaboration with nationally recognized animal protection groups. These licensors work closely with The Benefactory to ensure accuracy and authenticity of detail in each true story.

Coming in Summer, 2001: a new series of children’s storybooks for
children ages 5 - 7, featuring all kinds of creatures that hatch from eggs! (spiders, octopi, alligators, eagles, and more!) Each true story will be accompanied by a plush egg that reverses into a plush creature, a celebrity-narrated read-along audiocassette, and an activity booklet. Selected titles are also accompanied by a videocassette featuring a dissolve animation of the storybook, as well as live footage of the real animal featured in the story. The mission of the National Wildlife Federation ® is to educate, inspire and assist individuals and organizations of diverse cultures to conserve wildlife and other natural resources and to protect the Earth’s environment in order to achieve a peaceful, equitable and sustainable future. Visit the National Wildlife Federation’s award-winning web site at to learn more about their multi-faceted education programs, award-winning publications, key conservation issues and much more!

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