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Easy Revenue!
Our affiliate program is a great way to increase your revenues with a few simple clicks of the mouse. It's easy. Send people to and when they buy, you'll earn 5% commission on every purchase.

Leverage's Success in E-Commerce!
By joining our family of affiliates, you will be a part of's wonderful new site.

When ReadPlay Wins, Everyone Wins.

We offer very popular ReadPlay and Benefactory products and are
adding new ones all the time.
We supply you an online reporting system, so you can see just how
well your affiliate program is working, at any time!
Our policy of donating a portion of all sales to animal rights
organizations adds a great dimension to an already dynamic website.

How Does it Work?
Sign up as a affiliate, and we'll keep track of the visitors you send to our site. Our system, Commission Junction, keeps a running total of the commissions you earn. This information is posted and updated daily. Feel free to check your sales results and your traffic numbers whenever you like.

Get Started Today.

It's fast and easy. provides you all the banners and logos
for your site.
You control your site. You are the expert of your site and your
customers. You decide where to place banners and links on your site.
Link anywhere on your site. You may place ReadPlay links wherever
want on your site. Keep in mind, the more visibility, the more
  you commissions you earn!

How Do I Join?
Visit the Junction sign up page, fill out the affiliate agreement and apply. If you're already a Commission Junction member, it's even easier: Existing members can log in here! When we are advised of your application, we'll review your site, and Commission Junction will notify you once you are approved as an affiliate. It's very easy. So take the next step toward joining the ReadPlay family of affiliates.